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One on One HSK Tutoring Via Skype


Target Students

Test takers who needs plan to attend HSK/ HSKK

Program Description

Taking the form of 1on1 online live classes, this program helps test takers improve their Chinese language skills and hone their test skills for the Chinese proficiency test (HSK/ HSKK) in a fast and tailor-made style.

Program Advantages

Classes are scheduled according to the learner’s needs and wants, flexible in time with quality content in each class. It is a wise option for college students and working adults who are busy with their daytime assignment but need pass the test with professional guidance.

The Instructors

The instructors are from BLCU who have strong academic knowledge in teaching Chinese to non-native speaker and rich research experience in HSK test patterns and test-taking skills as well.

Instructional Materials

Instructional materials are delicately-designed based upon the faculty’s group research and test training experience.

Tuition Fee and Payment

150 CNY per class (30 or 60 classes are recommended ). Payment can be made online or through bank remittance.

Contact Information

Tel.: 8610-82300172

Skype: blcuchinese05

Email: eblcu5@blcu.edu.cn


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