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Notice for the Test of the Online Exam System(2013)


The final exam is approaching. In order to make the students familiar with the operation process of the online exam system and to ensure that the final exam system will be in a good condition, every student should test the system in advance before July 5. The specific time is 8:00-23:00, June 11 - July 5(Beijing time, excluding the non-office days). If you did not finish the environmental test leading to bad influence to your formal final examination, it’s your own fault.
The items of the test include:
1. Please prepare the microphone & webcam and keep the device & network in a good mood.

2. Whether you can access to the exam page smoothly.
3. Whether the multiple-choice buttons work well.
4. Whether you can input answers normally.
5. Whether the audios and videos can play smoothly.
6.Whether the important buttons (Start answering, hand in the paper, save the paper, withdrawal) work well
7. Whether the countdown prompt work well
8. At the end of the examination time, whether the system automatically records the papers and closes the examination page

The specific operation process are as follows:

1.      visit www.eblcu.com, login with your username and password to enter your personal page.


2.      Click the button of “online Quiz” on the left.


3.      Select the item of “在线考试测试【test”, click the “进入考试” on the right to access to the exam page.


4.      Click the button of “开始答题” to start your exam.


5.       After you finish the paper, click in order the buttons on the left of “保存试卷”→“交卷”→“退出”to finish the exam.



If you have any question during the test, please tell us immediately.


    TEL8610-82303820-14  Teacher Liu



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