Training Courses

"eBLCU” offers substantial Chinese non-degree training courses whose content are rich and learning styles are flexible and diverse. Students who choose non-degree courses, while passing a single or a series of course-examinations, will be issued with studying certificate of the single course or completion certificate of the corresponding -grade series.

“eBLCU” Chinese Training Course series

Graded Chinese

The graded Chinese training course in terms of language skills consists of Chinese for beginners, Lower elementary Chinese, Elementary Chinese I &II, Intermediate Chinese I &II I, Advanced Chinese I &II, 8 grades in total, each of which is trained by a combination of comprehensive and specific training , reflecting a kind of ladder learning mode.
The ladder courses train students to have a solid foundation in Chinese language knowledge. The gradually increasing difficulty and intensity of training above the previous grade make students adopt and accept the target content, and ultimately use Chinese with ease.