Access China-part 1-3





使用教材: 《行知中国》下 《行知中国》中 Access China Vol.1


选课 收藏

Lesson 1 Arrive in Beijing Lesson 2 A Big Family
Lesson 3 Interest Is the Best Teacher Lesson 4 Hale and Hearty
Lesson 5 Visiting the Great Wall Lesson 6 Wedding Anniversary
Lesson 7 A Special Birthday Lesson 8 Special Representative
Lesson 9 Parent-teacher Conference Lesson 10 The Mid-Autumn Festival
Lesson 11 A Chance Encounter Lesson 12 Grandpa’s Birthday
Lesson 13 Raising A Family Lesson 14 Lin Lin’s Pet
Lesson 15 The Mysterious Invitation Lesson 16 Chinese Calligraphy
Lesson 17 Fashion and Fitness Lesson 18 Good Faith Gets the Upper Hand
Lesson 19 Joy on the Farm Lesson 20 Drive One Less Day Per Month
Lesson 21 Jiang Xi Nuo Dance Lesson 22 Chinese Paper-Cutting
Lesson 23 The Job Interview Lesson 24 A New Job
Lesson 25 Buying a Home on Loan Lesson 26 Three Blessings
Lesson 27 Foreign Match Maker Lesson 28 Chinese-style Wedding
Lesson 29 Your Luck has Arrived Lesson 30 A Precious Gift